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 pCloud lifetime review

Pcloud lifetime review,pCloud is the best cloud storage when we analyse on a cost basis. pCloud is priced reasonably and great value for money. pCloud offers you up to 10GB of free storage space.

The premium plan offers you 500GB of space for which you can pay monthly or
annually. The monthly subscription costs $4.99 per each month and the annual
subscription costs only an average of $3.99 per each month.

Another subscription is lifetime, which Only needs if you want to use the pCloud
more than 44 months, which costs $175. You can get 500GB of pCloud download
traffic each month and 30 days of trash history the premium subscription.

Alternatively, you can make a premium plus subscription, which allows you to
store up to 2TB for $9.99 per month. If you pay annually you can reduce it to
$7.99 per month.



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pcloud home

pCloud is the unique choice for individuals and business ventures alike, who
seeks for the best cloud storage. It’s a highly secured and user-friendly cloud
storage which allows you to store up to 10 GB for free and up to 2 TB on lifetime
offers basis. Although the pCloud, the Switzerland based cloud storage, is a
newcomer in the field, it reached an inimitable place among the competitors.
pCloud can work as both a splendid backup and work sharing tool. Due to
numerous transcendent factors, like use of virtual hard drive to exceed the
storage capacity up to 2TB, fast syncing to any folder in your computer without
losing your perfect folder structure. This is the only one among the competitors
which allows you to choose which of your files you need to protect
zero-knowledge encryption. This is the unique cloud storage which provides a
bunch of incomparable features at an affordable price.

Pros of pCloud

▪ Fast syncing
▪ Zero-knowledge encryption
▪ Integrated media player
▪ Crypto vault
▪ Top security
▪ Zip file extraction
▪ Easy to access
▪ Virtual hard drive
▪ Easily collaboration of your files on others

Cons of pCloud

▪ Extra cost on encryption

File syncing & Sharing

Even though ease of use is very much important, but much more essential
is syncing and sharing of the files.
Gratefully, the best quality and utmost point is, it is the best file syncing
software. The use of one virtual drive model and the ability to sync any folder
makes it one of the best. Sharing of files and folders are also simple. The syncing
process owns a unique system, in which it keeps files on your drive and then
copies to the cloud storage, making sure that the files are slotted equally.


Security of the files is the most important thing in cloud storage, especially
in the contemporary era in which data breaches are a daily issue. For that, pCloud
owns a starred privilege pCloud Crypto. Even though some of these features are
paid, it gives a highly secured place for our data. This type of encryption, which
the pCloud gives you, overall control over your encryption keys, which the
provider doesn’t hold. So, only you can decrypt your data. None rather than you
can’t, even the provider, enter to your data. That means your files are completely
secure from outside looping.


pCloud crypto

pcloud crypto


pCloud crypto is the brand name of zero-knowledge encryption of pCloud. It costs
$ 4.99 a month extra for pCloud Crypto or around $3.99 a month if you pay
upfront. Even though business pCloud users will get it for free. The best feature of

pCloud crypto is that it allows you to select which files you want to protect with
zero-knowledge encryption.

pCloud rewind

This magnificent feature allows you to recover your files which you deleted or
corrupted in any way.
This is not applicable for free pCloud accounts, but for them, who have a premium
or premium plus account, can rewind your account up to 30 days. You can look at
how your files and folders were looked at a specific date and time. So, you can
restore your files and folders easily from those previous dates. You can restore
your files both as the whole bunch of files and individual files.
However, the restoration couldn’t bring your file structure back, but it stores
everything in a dumped folder. Even if you opt to pay an additional $39, it will
extend your rewind up to a year and also it allows file versioning. In fact, pCloud is
the best cloud storage for versioning.


pCloud Lifetime

pcloud plans

You can also make a pCloud lifetime subscription for $350, which is the cheapest
available in the market. You only need this offer if you are planning to use and
keep your account for more than 44 months. The premium plus plan allows you
2TB of download link traffic and the same 30 days of trash history per month.

You also have a fantastic option, if you wish to share your cloud storage to your
family or friends, that you have the 2TB storage space which allows you to share
your link up to five people.

However, the downside of this feature is its cost; you have to pay $1400 for the
lifetime subscription. Even though huge discounts are available on the time to
time basis.

pCloud business offers, if you are seeking for the best cloud storage for your
business purposes, comes with 1TB storage per user, costing $9.99 per month.
You can also use the annual paying option, in which you can access the storage
per $7.99 per month. The best advantage of pCloud business is that it includes
crypto without additional cost.


pCloud save

pCloud also extends into your browser through pCloud save. The extension allows
you to save images from your browsers directly to your pCloud account. The
option can be used in Opera, Firefox and Chrome as well. You can save images
that you want from your browser simple right click. These images are saved in
a special folder named “pCloud Save”.

If you are a user of any other cloud storages, like Dropbox, Google Drive or
Microsoft Onedrive, you can backup your files to pCloud directly.

You can also use the option that allows you to backup your files from social media
like Instagram and Facebook in a simple way.

Ease of use

You can signup to pCloud using an email and password, or you can also signup
with google, Facebook or your Apple account. You can then download pCloud
Drive to set up a virtual drive on your system. This makes your documents folder
into a sync folder default, so, your documents will be automatically synced to

pCloud uses a spanking tried-and-tested model of cloud storage, which uses a
sync folder on your PC and a system tray icon to change your settings.

You can access account information, your sync folders, shared files and folders,
pCloud Crypto, settings, support and information on the app itself using the
menu links across the top of the desktop app.


pCloud Mobile App

Both Android and ios mobile app is available, which has a similar menu system as
the web interface, with links to your files, pCloud Crypto and more options. You
can simply add files clicking the plus sign shown on top of the screen, and
select the files you wish to store.

The use of pCloud mobile app is pretty good, which allows simple and smooth
canalize works as per your wish. And you can also delete the files as well as
uploading from the mobile app itself.

You can make the files offline in a simple couple of touches which allows you to
listen to the music and watch the videos when you want.

pCloud web

You can use the web interface to access your files when you are away from your
computer. Like the pCloud app, the web too has the menu links to every feature
of the pCloud including browsing your files, accessing your public folder, pCloud
Rewind, your backups from other cloud services and your trash folder. And you
can also access your Crypto folder, shared folders, your download links and your
audio files using the links behind that.

You can add files drag and drop process. For the process you have to open the
folder, in which do you want to add or move, first.

pCloud privacy

If you are keen the privacy of your data, pCloud is the best choice for you. You can
secure your data zero-knowledge encryption using pCloud crypto. You can also
add another privacy mode making two-factor authentication.

pCloud Customer service

Unlike competitors, pCloud doesn’t allow the option of live chat and live queries.
The only way to contact or interact is the direct calling to the company. Hopefully,
there is also a help page including detailed description on almost every feature
and process of the cloud storage. Even though, if you needed any clarification, the

accurate and simple method is the calling to the company. You can also utilize the
facility of e-mail to get information.

pCloud Public Folder

pCloud also facilitates creating a public folder which can be used for many more
purposes. You can use it for creating direct links to the folder, hosting static HTML
web pages and embedding images like image hosting sites. Anyway, this isn’t
available in a free pCloud account

pCloud Pricing

500 GB
2 TB
$ 4.99
$ 9.99
$ 47.88
$ 95.88
$ 175
$ 350

Check Full Pricing

The verdict

pCloud dominates almost in every sphere of a cloud storage as in this review
explained. With the affordable price and ease of use of, pCloud continues to grow
to be one of the best and most popular in the market.

pCloud has solved your difficulty to use a hard drive and its limited space. pCloud
allows you to be selective on your files, so you can decide which of your files is to
be stored or encrypted.

The spectacular facility of pCloud crypto makes your files zero-knowledge
encrypted. It gives ample security and privacy for your files. You no longer have to
spend the precious space of your hard drive to store large files. The user-friendly
attitude of pCloud and the mobile app and web is very helpful for beginners.For all these reasons pCloud is really price worthy.


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